One Who Waits

They say all things come to he who waits. In many ways, I believe this, however, there are some things that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, that may not show up until the next life, if there is one.

I began this trip on January 19, 2016 with the intention of keeping in touch with family and friends via blog posts at As you can see, there have been no posts for about a year. It was such a wrestling match, and so time-consuming, to format text and upload photographs, that I let it rest all this time.
In Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, I met experienced bloggers whom I asked for some tips and coaching. Although, their assistance wasn’t enough to get me going on my own, I was encouraged to keep asking other bloggers I met. I’ve asked others in Ecuador and PerĂº, too.
Well, I believe my patience has finally paid off…this post will be the test. Candy is the first person I’ve met who knew, (or who told me), that I can type a post in an email and send it to the blog. We’re staying at the same horstel, here in Lima; she’s been blogging for most of twenty years.
It looks as if this email will arrive at the blog as a published post, so if it needs any editing, those who have subscribed to blog posts will receive it before and after. I’ll try to proofread well bfore i posh $end. (hahaha, wish me luck!)

Near Gocta waterfalls in northern PerĂº

The Beauty and the Beast

     The red Cadillac, if I remember correctly, is a 1956 model. The tan Packard, (in front of the blue building), 1951 (?), may be an example of why Packard has been gone for a long time. I can’t imagine that body style sitting in a new car showroom looking beautiful to anyone.

Before leaving for Cuba, on February 25, 2016, I spent a few days at Playa Santa Teresa. The bus trip to the Pacific coast, to the west of San Jose, includes a ferry ride and takes five hours or so. The beach there is a big draw for surfers, who provide lots of entertainment for those of us who don’t expect to ever touch a surfboard