IT’S ABOUT TIME...for me to step up to the plate, for me to express what’s true for me, just for myself, without investing much, if any, energy into what you may think of me. (I’ve never read her book, but I love Terry Cole-Whittaker’s title, What You Think of Me is None of My Business. That sounds like a song of freedom!)

          Seeking everyone’s approval has been, for me, a never ending job…and it’s exhausting. One of the things I’ve learned from Byron Katie is that even if you pay me a compliment, I don’t really believe you, because I know I did everything in my power to manipulate you into saying it. Living a life that’s true to myself is a more peaceful path.

          Another great title, that I haven’t read, is Alan Watts’ book, The Wisdom of Insecurity.” The voice of fear pipes up, “I’d turn back if I were you.” (Dorothy was such a shining example of facing fear on the way to Oz.). Fear says “Drew, you don’t really have to follow through with the launch of your blog.” But I know that learning and growth are the gifts of facing fear…and often, exhilaration and freedom.

          It’s a close race, but I believe I have a few more butterflies about launching this blog than I do about leaving on February 25th for three weeks in Cuba. The truth is, however, I’m committed to the blog, after much avoidance and procrastination, and I’m really jazzed about experiencing Cuba. That leaves me with “look at those beautiful butterflies.”

          So, here I go!

February 20, 2016