On January 19, 2016, I flew from Seattle, Washington to San Jose, Costa Rica. So begins an open-ended travel adventure of, hopefully, two or three years. I consider myself a traveler, not a tourist. This is not a business trip and my goal is not to promote anything.

          However, there are skills and abilities that I can share that may have value for others along the way. Considering that virtually everyone I meet is, for that moment, my Spanish teacher, I’m certainly happy to do some casual coaching for those who are learning English. For a series of more formal sessions, or for a small group of language learners, a donation or an arrangement that suits everyone, would be appreciated. Just ask.

#1      English conversation practice for advanced students. I’m a native speaker (USA / EUA) and without any discernible accent.

#2      Reiki, natural healing. I completed the Reiki I training in 1986 and the Reiki II training a year later.

#3      The Work of Byron Katie. I’ve been using The Work in my own life since 1997 and I’ve facilitated individuals and small group workshops. The Work has the potential to transform our experiences of small things, like pet peeves, to the big issues that can be overwhelming and emotionally debilitating.
          I rank meeting Katie on a par with winning a lottery jackpot. Although as someone once said, “Freedom begins after dinner,” and, certainly, money creates options that I treasure, still, I believe that what has the greatest value in this world cannot be purchased at any price.